How to Reclaim Your Energy and Joy in 3 Days

How to Reclaim your Energy and Joy

in 3 days

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Hi, I'm Michele Neskey,

I am a Physician Assistant, Health and Fitness Coach and owner of The Posh PA. It is my mission to provide personalized guidance, education and motivation to build confidence and promote wellness for aspiring and experienced healthcare professionals and beyond.

As a child, I grew up in a small town in northern New Jersey with my sister and parents. I was (and still am) boy-band obsessed, always active in sports and educational programs, and even received multiple scholarship offers to go to Physical Therapy programs for college. But something inside of me could not commit to that road. I ended up having an amazing college experience at The University of Connecticut and graduated with a BS in Genetics. I went on to work in a research lab at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute after graduation. Being the only person in my family to go into a medical career, I found myself unhappy and uncertain about my future.. It was then that I not only met my future husband, but also discovered the PA profession which changed the trajectory of my life.

I graduated from the Yale University PA program in 2005, got my first PA job, got married and moved to Miami all within 1 year. Over the next 10 years I worked as a PA while my husband completed his training, we moved 3 times, and just before our final move, I learned I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful daughter, 2 adorable dogs, and a home I love. I created The Posh PA where I guide prePAs and students on their journey to PA school, as well as Posh Wellness to encourage a focus on community, healthy habits, mindset, and a person-first approach to symptoms of burnout.

I enjoy laughing as much as possible, dancing at any time, a nice glass of red wine, being on the beach as much as possible, and being with my family, friends and neighbors. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and live the life they have always dreamed of while remaining focused on their own health and wellness.

I live by my motto...Anything is Poshable!!!!



So what do you say? Are you ready to reclaim your joy?

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